Come Ride With Us!

Day Camp 2020

Join us for an entire week of fun!

Our Day Camp program is an All Day camp that runs Monday-Friday. Your child will get to do everything from hiking, swimming, fishing, archery and BB gun Ranges, and of course horseback riding plus so much more; including a special surprise at the end of the week!

Riding Lesson Update

Riding Lessons are Back!

I would like to fill up morning time slots first Monday-Thursday. If you absolutely need an evening time please let me know. The students who were already taking lessons before the shut down will have first dibs. Please text me if you can or message on Facebook. (316)516-1393

Time Slots

9:15 AM

10:30 AM

8:00 AM will be added if need be

We have to take everything slow at first. No more than 4 students per lesson, unless you are family. If you would like private lessons for your riders, please let me know. Thanks everyone!!

Riding lessons

Set up lessons for you and/or your child to learn how to ride a horse! For beginner to advanced riders!

group events

We would love for you to have your next event at our ranch! Great for Families, businesses, churches, etc.


day camp

Join us for a week of fun at one of our sessions of day camp

large group camping

We welcome programs like BSA, GSA, Churches, 4H, etc. to set up at camp program on the ranch.

birthday parties

Lazy Bucks Ranch is a great places to celebrate such an exciting day! We offer many party packages.

What's Happening at Lazy Bucks

ABOUT LAZY             BUCKS

Here at Lazy Bucks our main goal is to create a positive relationship between horse and rider.  Riders will experience one on one time with a trained riding instructor.  We also offer group lessons where our instructors work with four riders at a time maximum, guaranteeing the rider gets all the attention he/she needs.  

However, lessons are not only for learning how to ride.  Our instructors will teach riders how to care for a horse as well as how to brush, saddle, bridle, etc. while staying as safe as possible.

For more information please contact us.  We hope to see you soon!

-Aileen Park


(316) 516-1393

Haysville, KS

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