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summer camp

Join us for days of fun at one of our Day Camps

Riding lessons

Set up lessons for you and/or your child to learn how to ride a horse! For ages 3 to 103!

Dooley at Lazy Bucks Ranch

ABOUT LAZY             BUCKS

At Lazy Bucks Ranch, our goal is to create a positive relationship between horse and rider.  We offer group lessons where riders learn to interact with multiple horses and other riders! 


However, lessons are not just for learning how to ride.  Our instructors will teach riders how to care for a horse as well as how to brush, saddle, bridle, etc. while staying as safe as possible. Our goal is to give people a great introduction to the horse world, so they feel confident in starting their journey with their very own horse. 

For more information please contact us.  We hope to see you soon!

-Aileen Park


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