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Challenge yourself from the comfort of your own barn! 

What to expect:

Complete 8 judged manoeuvres such as backing, side passing, straddling, picking up feet, flexing, foot placement, etc. Classes are $20 each plus a $6 processing fee for online payments. 

What do I need?

Use your pasture, arena, barn, yard etc! Common barn and house items will be utilized! Ground poles, barrels, cones, ropes, umbrellas, etc. 

How do shows work?

Shows consist of 4 classes.  A horse and rider pair may enter In hand OR Youth OR Novice. Anyone may enter Open. You can enter multiple horses in one class but each horse and rider pair will be judged separately. You will be emailed the equipment needed and patterns on the "Patterns Sent Out" date shown on the flier. You will have 10 days to complete and turn in your video. Videos must be all one take, no pausing. A link to an example video is posted below (coming soon!)

How does the series work?

Riders must compete in 3 our of the 4 shows on the same horse(s) in the same class(es). Your top 3 scores will be totaled to determine your final score. You want the lowest score possible. This means you received the least amount of penalties. 

How do I turn in my videos?

You can send videos via Facebook messenger, email, or upload them to YouTube and email us the link.

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