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Riding Lessons

Our horseback riding lessons, for beginners, are offered in a group setting, which allows riders to learn and practice together in a fun and social environment. Our group lessons are a great way to make new friends who share your love of horses and the outdoors.

In our group lessons, you'll learn the basics of horseback riding alongside other beginners. An experienced instructor will provide individualized instruction and guidance, ensuring that each rider progresses at their own pace and feels comfortable and confident on the horse.

Our group lessons are of great value, as they provide all the benefits of individual classes at a lower cost. Plus, the group dynamic adds extra fun and camaraderie to the learning experience.

Sign up for our beginner horseback riding group lessons today and join a supportive community of riders as you learn the joys of horseback riding!

  • Group lessons are $40 per rider per lesson

  • Peewee lessons are 30 minutes long, $25 each

  • Lesson packages are available for $150 and include 4 lessons

  • Lessons are by appointment ONLY

  • Please call, text, or email to schedule


Schedule Your Lessons

Our lessons are by appointment only. Call, Text, or Email us to set up your lesson time. Tell us your name and the rider's age and we will get back to you ASAP. 

Call (316) 516-1393     Email -

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